My name is Sunshine. You can call me that, but I also answer to Sunny, Sunch, Sunch-abunch, Sunny D, and a really long list of Sunny-Funny variations. I'm a portrait photographer, wife, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, wanna be comedian and lover of life and laughter. I love faces, and chatting up new friends. I have a compulsion of telling strangers whatever it is that I love about them: their hair, eyes, smile, shoes, whatever. I just can't help it. I notice details, and beauty all around me, and I know how to capture it with my camera. Before photography overtook me, I worked as a registered nurse and personal trainer. My experience in helping others in health restoration and promotion led me to happily transition into portrait-making, where I am still able to make a difference in how people feel,  and just as importantly see themselves. I adore capturing genuine emotion in each person I photograph and know that when my clients open up and trust me, we create amazing images that truly reflect who they are, and how they wish to be seen.